John Seastrunk


John Seastrunk was born and raised in San Francisco. His family had made their way over from Louisiana in the 50s, calling the Bayview Hunters Point home for a long time. John’s interest in the creative field dates back to when he was starting kindergarten, upset to be apart from his mother, he only found solace in drawing. Where his peers’ drawings were unsurprising scribbles, his were much more realistic that he won first prize in an art contest and eventually he was able to see the same drawing hung at the De Young Museum.

He took this love for art into college, always drawing in between classes. When he told a friend he couldn’t paint portraits, he suggested John get into signage. So John made his way to a hardware store for stencils, painted a mom & pop shop for $65, and it was history from there.

John is a self-employed professional sign painter, with 46 years of experience in the game. He does his best at every opportunity with free hand lettering at its finest. Satisfaction is guaranteed, which is the reason for his tie-wearing on every job site. You can find his work throughout the bay area whether that’d be St. Francis Fountain diner in San Francisco or at the Porsche dealership in Burlingame.

He couldn’t be more grateful for the life that signage has given to him, “God painted me the perfect picture”, pun intended! (Photo by Alanna Hale)

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