Ashley Fundora

Ashley is an artist and sign painter working in San Francisco, originally from Miami, FL. Being first born in the United States, her Colombian mother and Cuban father instilled a hard working ethic in her at a very young age. She received a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Painting in 2010. After college, she lived in New York for a short time and worked as a painting assistant. Soon after, she began an apprenticeship in 2012 with New Bohemia Signs in San Francisco, CA and worked as a professional sign painter there for 4 years.

Currently, she is painting signs and making art that focuses on hand-crafted processes like traditional brush lettering, sign painting techniques, and illustration to create visual narratives about language, sisterhood and being Latina. When she is not painting she is playing tricks on people with her identical twin sister, listening to Willie Colón in their art studio, drinking cuban coffee or ordering black bean burritos in the Mission.

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