Jonathan Jardin

Jonathan Jardin is a Filipino-American artist and sign painter born & bred in Houston, TX. As the son of Filipino parents who emigrated to the United States in the 70’s, Jardin was raised with his two sisters on values of hard work, earnest demeanor, and modest means. As a kid, he drew constantly, often at the detriment of any subject other than art.

While doing freelance graphic design and contract screen printing, Jardin was given an opportunity to work for Whole Foods Market as a Graphic Artist. There he completed a wide variety of signage and chalkboards for entire shifts and over the course of two years began to develop a love and affinity for hand lettered type. His freelance practice soon shifted to custom type projects, chalkboards, and eventually sign painting.

In 2016, Jardin relocated to Chicago, IL where he began working at sign shops and print shops, maintaining a balanced practice of design and craft. He now works as a full-time sign painter at Right Way Signs of Chicago, pulling letters on walls across the city. Often shadowing local lettering legend Ches Perry, Jardin is comforted by a process that is never dull and never done. He maintains that “working with a guy who has been doing this for almost 50 years reminds you that you still have room for improvement. Even better is the reminder that you’ve got time to catch up.” In addition to sign painting, Jardin continues to work as a freelance designer & illustrator. He currently lives in Chicago with his artist partner and their awesome red heeler pup.

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